Dharampal Kaur


She is one of the most experienced Latvian-speaking Kundalini yoga teachers who has been teaching yoga for more than 20 years in the USA, Sweden, Latvia and other European countries. In order to share her knowledge, Dharampal Kaur has been involved in educating new Kundalini yoga teachers. In addition to adult yoga, she has also mastered Radiant Child Yoga and Childplay Yoga. As Dharampal Kaur told in the interview in Latvian magazine “Lilit” in 2014: “I also learned this in yoga – you should not blame anyone for anything. If there is something that does not feel good, I can not blame the other person. I should understand what’s happening in me, what has caused such reaction, and what I need to change in my mind. It is my responsibility to get out of the situation, without trying to change the other person. Blaming others is a very heavy weight that comes from seeing each other as separate.”

Sukhdev Kaur Khalsa


Sukhdev Kaur Khalsa is the leader in kundalini yoga movement in Estonia. She has founded the Estonian National Kundalini Yoga Teachers’ Association and Kundalini Yoga and Humanities School in Tallinn, and Sukhdev Kaur Khalsa continues to inspire. She is currently serving her community by counseling and teaching kundalini yoga, humanology, Karam Kriya numerology and Sat Nam Rasayan. Sukhdev Kaur Khalsa writes two books based on Yogi Bhajan’s teachings, one on sadness and loss, and the other on the conscious raising of children. She also continues her doctorate in researching Sangat creation, development and influence. When in 2004 Sukhdev Kaur came from Mexico to Estonia, there was very little opportunity to study kundalini yoga. Today, Estonians are proud of a community of hundreds of kundalini yoga teachers, they have yoga guides translated into Estonian, national yoga festivals, international concerts, all kinds of master classes and dynamic teacher training. More information: http://dharamsaal.ee



”My name is Alexander Sidelnikov (Alex Sidelnikov). I actively practice and teach Kundalini joga more than 7 years already.Once Kundalini joga gave me inner experience in the deepest corners of my hart. This experience changed all my life radically in happiness, wealth, appreciation and at ongoing development direction. I am truly happy that I will have the chance to share it with you all! All this time I am learning from Harijiwan Singh and I have finished successfully first and second level of teacher training. Count of hours, modules and levels is not important anymore. Good teacher is constantly learning and giving till his last day. Every moment your higher consciousness try to express true your feelings, thoughts and actions in your remarkable and happy life’s. Life what’s full power and beauty. To feel it it’s only necessary to open the door. My most important goal is to change your energy and comprehension level and to give you my experience of infinity.”

Sat Hari Nam Singh Khalsa


Sat Hari Singh has committed his life to bringing the Mantras, Music and scriptures from the science of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan to a broad audience. He began studying Kundalini Yoga in 1980. He is an internationally recognized Yoga-trainer, musician and author, who just recently published the book “The heart of Yoga”. Sat Hari Singh is also one of the early elders of the company Golden Temple, the home of YOGI TEA®. He has a deep knowledge of Ayurveda and ayurvedic herbs and spices.

Devajeet Kaur

Great Britain

Devajeet Kaur is a kundalini yoga teacher, a sacred sound artist and the lead performer of DevineAmbiance, that is a downtempo/mantra infusion as it merges tribal electronic beats with the virtuous properties of mantra in an etheric flow, taking the listener into the depths of their soul. Her movement ‘Rebirthing Into Truth’ is a mission to inspire others to find their truth and live it. Devajeet organises the Aquarian Teacher Training in Northeast England and shares the teachings of Yogi Bhajan at national and international festivals. She is a lover of devotional music and a wizard of creating high vibrational spaces so you can experience the infinity within.

Vladislav Loginov


Vladislav Loginov is a guide, mastermind, angelologist, coach and teacher of kundalini yoga. For more than 17 years he had lived in the USA, UK and Russia, where he studied “Course of Miracles” lead by Marian Williamson, a famous writer, more than 20 books author with first places as bestsellers in New York, interviews with Oprah Winfrey, spiritual leader, presidential candidate 2020. Currently living and Estonia, where he is helping people with their personal growth.

Vladislav’s Kundalini Yoga teachers are Alexander Sidelnikov, Hari Jivan (student of Yogi Bhajan), Guru Jas (vocalist of ‘’White Sun’’, winner of the 2016 Grammy Awards), Maya Fiennes (musician and composer, author of the book ‘’Yoga for Real Life’’) and Maria Kalinina (previously a fashion model and actress).

In festival Vladislav will run a Kundalini yoga practice specially designed for men by looking into and getting to know Yogi Bhajan teachings on life path for men, growth and successful relationships, as well as lessons for children and adult children where the accent will be on waking up our playfulness, joy of movement and challenging the traditional approach to the practice. 

Sanita Dubrova


Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, practic and passionate regularity researcher. She have created cozy and peaceful yoga Studio in Jelgava (www.jogascentrs.lv) where she works every day, supports and leads in the wide world of yoga and meditation the local people and everyone who is interested. At her classes she focuses on learning about fisical body, learn to love and develop it. Because when we learn to feel our body consciously, we learn to feel our mind consciously as well. Sanita have made her goal to make these fantastic practices and tools available and understandable for everyone. Knowledge’s being explained true experience made understandable for everyone. “When I was becoming a woman, my most made wish was to come home. I was going far away and not so far but I didn’t feel like home anywhere, until one day I accidentally got in Kundalini yoga class. For me Kundalini is practical, logical, effective method to develop inner power. I want to give the taste of this power also in my classes. Jogi Bhajan has said that you cannot learn holiness, but you can get it like a virus. Practicing yoga helps to change negative habits every day. You are not trying not to do bad, negative things but the negative things become very boring and uninteresting to you with help of yoga practice. You are starting to reach activities, experiences, people who makes you feel good. Kundalini yoga is practical activity what follows your thoughts, make your physical world and creates your reality. More real your practice is, more real your reality becomes. There is nothing outside of us everything is inside us.”



I found my self-realisation path in Kundalini yoga that allows me to explore the Divine Self and feel how everything is united and interrelated and that the divine is within ourselves – in our soul. By learning to understand, feel, perceive and control our body, mind and emotions, a human being becomes aware of oneself and the other person, develops intuition and tunes into the existing and the Infinite. Kundalini yoga classes offer all of these aspects through kriyas, pranayama techniques, meditations and sacred mantras chanting. It is a real pleasure to see how the practicing of Kundalini yoga and meditations changes the attitude and lifestyle by providing energy, fulfilment, joy and peace.

Aija Devi


In Kundalini Yoga there are Kriyas which includes dancing and moving rhythmically. Sometimes even us as teachers are still looking how meaningfully develop this part of kriya. I offer to learn together some Indian dance basic elements which gives wonderful feelings and insight of Kundalini kriya common directions. Sound of live music from Tabla expert, Indian musician Balraja Singh. ?☘️

Indian sacral dance Odisi ritualized performance – India’s stage art combines different types of classical art: music, movement and drama, to through mythological and poetic performance give the viewer chance to experience emotional healing and spiritual transformation. Living true God and hero way , human learns his own life’s inner and external dramas and going towards becoming healthier, whole self and everything else. Rhythm and sacral sound makes stabile, for thousands of years checked framework for such experience.

Aija Devi: “ Yoga helps me to live my life truthfully and deeply as myself. The road to teh stage of maturity between different depths of awareness is long and yoga is fantastic tool to it. I have studied Integral yoga and Kundalini yoga from Yogi Bhajan teachings, fulfilled education of yoga Dula in England and Latvia to be capable to teach Kundalini yoga classes for pregnant women. I have danced all my life and I found that Indian dance is fantastic way to complement yoga practice. I am teaching yoga, dance and yoga for pregnant ladies already for 8 years in Riga. I am happy to share my knowledge and get inspired from others.” (KRI sertified yoga teacher from 2011, pregnancy yoga teacher since 2013, I am teaching now in Riga at Laboratory of pleasant feelings.)

Jai Rajpreet Kaur


I am Toma Tupikaitė. I have had a lot of difficulties in my life. This is probably a faster way to transform and raise awareness. One event 7 years ago suddenly awoke me. Then I took responsibility for myself and my life. I started come back to myself. During those years, I attended various training, camps, but most of all helped me the yoga morjing practices with being present, at state of inner peace and bliss. 2018 in the autumn during meditation, I saw a vision with the gifts of my life. One of them was a snake. Soon there was a perception that it was kundalini yoga. In April 2019 I attended a 1 month long Kundalini Yoga training imersion in Bali. Just a month after returning from training, I felt that I am pushed to start yoga classes in the town I live. I did it. I believe that this technology will help people to return to themselves, be healthier, more resistant to the energy of the environment, and increase their own influence to living a wonderful and meaningful life. My goal is to show people the way to experience inner strength, peace and happiness within themself..