Sukhdev Kaur Khalsa


Sukhdev Kaur Khalsa is a lead trainer in Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan in Estonia. She is a founding member and first president of the Estonian National Kundalini Yoga Teachers’ Association.

Currently she is serving her community by counseling and teaching Kundalini yoga, humanology, Karam Kriya numerology and Sat Nam Rasayan.

Also, Sukhdev Kaur Khalsa is writing two books based on Yogi Bhajan’s teachings, one on sadness and loss, and the other on the conscious raising of children. She also continues her doctorate in researching Sangat creation, development and influence. 

When in 2004 Sukhdev Kaur came from Mexico to Estonia, there was very little opportunity to study Kundalini yoga.

Today, Estonians are proud of a community of hundreds of Kundalini yoga teachers, they have yoga guides translated into Estonian, national yoga festivals, international concerts, all kinds of master classes and dynamic teacher training. More information you can find here:

In this years’ festival, Sukhdev Kaur Khalsa will delight us with stories, techniques and mantras for conquering doubt, becoming fearless against calamity and gaining the victory of the spirit. This technique is known as the Spiritual Warrior: the technology of the radiant body. 

She will introduce us with Gatka – a martial art of the Sikh tradition. We will learn the basic steps, movements, using breath and mantra. This is a wonderful and holistic practice to strengthen the body and train the mind. 

Also, she will provide Mul Mantra Japa – 500 repetitions of the Mul Mantra in a bit over 1 hour, which is a deep practice to gain strength and develop shakti. As per that, we highly recommend people to get familiarized with the Mul mantra beforehand. 

As well as with her help we will have the great joy to have the Siri Guru Granth Sahib as part of the program, holding the space and the high vibration in the festival. Teachings of Sikh Dharma will be shared too, and introduction to what is a Gurdwara, personal Hukam, morning and evening program. 

And last but not least, she will lead the Sharing circle around difficult or challenging issues around our spiritual community – a place to hear all and to get support, Sukhdev Kaur will be holding the space and can answer questions as a lead trainer and long time practitioner of Kundalini Yoga.

Gitana Kersiene


Gitana has completed her Kundalini Yoga teacher’s training at I-Sky in Reading, UK and has been teaching Kundalini yoga in Lithuania and London already for over 4 years. She has also studied Gong yoga and therapy with Mehtab Benson in London.

As in her own, as in her students’ practices, Gitana has seen and experienced the vast benefits of yoga, mantra and the frequency of sound currents. The combination of these powerful methods has an effect that can be felt on both mind and body, calibrating it intentionally.

Currently Gitana is studying Kundalini Yoga Therapy in Stockholm with Guru Dharam. She applies a holistic approach to Yoga Therapy, using Yogic, Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic systems to assess and treat the person as a whole. In her practice she incorporates acupressure and other modalities to enhance the effect of Yoga Therapy.

Vladislavs Loginovs


Vladislav Loginov is a guide, mastermind, angelologist, coach and teacher of kundalini yoga. For more than 17 years he had lived in the USA, UK and Russia, where he studied “Course of Miracles” lead by Marian Williamson, a famous writer, more than 20 books author with first places as bestsellers in New York, interviews with Oprah Winfrey, spiritual leader, presidential candidate 2020. Currently living and Estonia, where he is helping people with their personal growth.

Vladislav’s Kundalini Yoga teachers are Alexander Sidelnikov, Hari Jivan (student of Yogi Bhajan), Guru Jas (vocalist of ‘’White Sun’’, winner of the 2016 Grammy Awards), Maya Fiennes (musician and composer, author of the book ‘’Yoga for Real Life’’) and Maria Kalinina (previously a fashion model and actress).

In festival Vladislav will run a Kundalini yoga practice specially designed for men by looking into and getting to know Yogi Bhajan teachings on life path for men, growth and successful relationships, as well as lessons for children and adults where the accent will be on waking up our playfulness, joy of movement and challenging the traditional approach to the practice. 

During the festival he will pursue Theta healing sessions in exchange for donations.

Sanita Dubrova


Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher and practitioner Sanita Dubrova has created a cosy and peaceful yoga center in Jelgava (, where on a daily basis she works, supports and guides the people of the city and surroundings in the spacious yoga and meditation world. In her classes, she especially highlights the cognition, love and development of the physical body because only then when we consciously feel our body, we learn to consciously feel our mind.

As her mission, Sanita has distinguished the task to make the fantastic practices and techniques of ancient tribes available and comprehensible to everyone. In her classes, foreign words are reduced until the minimum and complicated eastern concepts are explained through experience so making them understandable in the language of a modern busy human.

‘’Yogi Bhajan has said that spirituality cannot be learned, but it can be caught – just like a virus. What the practice does every day is constantly changing negative daily habits. You do not try not to do ‘’bad’’, but you do your practice and become uninterested in the negative. You start striving for actions, experiences, people who do good for you. Kundalini yoga is practical – activities that follow your thoughts are creating your physical world, they create your reality. The more true is your practice, the more true your reality becomes. There is nothing outside of us, everything is within.’’

During the festival, Sanita will take care of a special event – the Heavenly Communication.

Heavenly communication is a meditation movement with which Yogi Bhajan introduced the ever-busy minds of the people of the modern western world. It is a particularly uplifting, joyful and healing form of meditation accompanied by mantras or sacred music, based on rhythmic movements of the hands, palms and fingers – as if dancing, as if flowing. The more life energy – the Prana we manage to move through these movements, the more we release the stress that is deeply seated in our body. In this way, the upper energy centers are especially moved, rising from depression, increasing radiance and unleashing the energies of natural creativity and well-being. In this meditation, we will use our body as the main narrator, music, mantra sounds and ritualized movements. Communities of the ancient nations have long ago used this practice to unite, heal, awaken the collective consciousness and unity.

Līga Prema Lakshmi


Līga Prema Lakshmi – henna artist, astrologer, astro psychologist. Within the framework of the festival, it will be possible to attend a master class, the duration of which will be 1,5 hours, the participation fee is symbolic – 1 EUR for henna cone.

A little bit about henna. Henna (Lawsonia Inermis) is a tropical plant whose leaves form the dye lavson. Henna drawings, or Mehndi (“Art” in Hindu), nowadays have become a symbol of beauty and happiness, serving both as a sophisticated ornament and as a peculiar mascot. Henna’s natural dyes react with the skin’s protein keratin and color orange-brown in varying intensities.

The process of drawing henna is meditation for both the person who draws and the person to whom it is drawn on. During the drawing process, the restless nature of the mind is balanced and the total energy field is strengthened. The drawings are applied with a completely natural henna paste made from henna leaf powder, lemon juice and essential oils. Henna paste has a cooling and relaxing effect, it is completely natural and safe for the skin. The henna pattern on average lasts for one to two weeks.

Ilze Dātava


Ilze Dātava is an Aromatic Diagnostics specialist and artist who wanders through meadows and forests, collects plants and their stories. ‘’I go to the Whole in the Nature and I also recommend to do so for yourself. There is everything you need for peace, balance and strength!’’, reveals Ilze about herself.

Lecture ‘’Plant Stories’’, duration – 1 hour. In the lecture we will be able to feel the effect of different plants and their essential oils, and learn their stories. Plants for peace, plants for energy, plants for various psycho-emotional needs. The lecture will be held in a question and answer format.

After the lecture, master classes will take place in the small tent all day long – Aromatherapy perfume workshops, as well as an opportunity to undergo individual Aroma Diagnostics to find out your psycho-emotional and physical plan.

Kārlis Rudra Jirgens


On the Friday evening of the festival, Kārlis Rudra Jirgens will delight all the participants of the festival with a musical performance!

Kārlis about himself:

“The music I create is based on a mix of Ethno and World music with Dub, Chill Out and EDM moods. All the music is created only with the sounds of live instruments, sampling it inside the “loop station” on the spot and adding various effects.

The musical journey develops dynamically, bringing the ethnic culture of the North, East, South and West into mood. During the performance, I play the percussions, different types of flutes, bagpipes, vargan and duduk. “




Evita Eglīte


Mandala dance is a meditative healing practice for women where we work on the physical, mental and energetic planes. During it, we consciously return and connect with our body, learning to allow ourselves to feel everything that is an expression of the feminine nature.

Mandala dance helps to ground yourself, restore the natural cycles, balance the masculine and feminine parts within. It helps a person to return to his or her original natural state and rhythm, thus promoting the “reunion” with his/her soul, with the original truth and soul knowledge.

It is an energy balancing process at all levels – it is the harmonization of body and soul. When dancing Sacred Geometry, we balance the right and left sides of the body – that is, the masculine and feminine energies, as well as the right and left hemispheres of the brain – the creative and the rational; up and down – hence the material and spiritual aspects of your life. We balance the five elements that are the basis of absolute harmony – Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether. We balance all states during the dance, both inside and outside of ourselves.

During the dance, we practice conscious, rhythmic breathing, which helps to relax the activated tension and cleanse ourselves from painful, negative experiences. Through self-balancing, we also balance all aspects of our lives – the space and events around us, relationships in the family and society…

In the physical aspect – during the Mandala dance, the general blood circulation in the body improves, so the general state of health improves, tense, spasmodic parts of the body relax. The small pelvis is massaged in a gentle, natural way, thus increasing the blood circulation in that region. The sensitivity of the body increases.

There is a deep inner peace and relaxation balanced with a clear consciousness. We, women, return to our original state of natural balance – physical, mental and energetic.

Shanti Ramdesh Kaur


Shanti Ramdesh Kaur is an Estonian Kundalini yoga teacher and mantra singer. 1,5 years ago, after a row of “random life-events” she ended up finding herself in the middle of the Kundalini Sangat and fell in love with it from the first meditation. 

A month later she started the Level 1 teacher training and is by now most dedicated in mantras and in growing the beautiful community of Estonia. By the spiritual name Shanti Ramdesh Kaur she’s the Lioness, whose sacred spirit creates a domain of tranquillity by merging with the universal consciousness of the Divine.

Jānis Zušmanis


Get to know better, Kundalini yoga teacher from Latvia – Dhanpal Singh (Janis Zusmanis)! 

A mesage from Dhanpal Singh:

‘’Kundalini yoga is simply an undoing of oneself to find one’s potential, one’s vitality, to achieve one’s greatness of which I am still convinced every time in my practice. From the very first Kundalini yoga class, it was clear that this was exactly what I was looking for and needed. Gradually, yoga from physical activity has become an indispensable part of my life.

About the festival class – I will introduce the basics of the Gurmukhi language: alphabet, accents and pronunciation. We will practice language exercises and reading of the mantras. Gurmukhi is the language in which mantras and shabads have been originally written. Gurmukhi’s reading of the language allows you to directly experience the flow of sound created by the Guru.’’

Agnese Guļāne


Let’s get acquainted! Kundalini yoga teacher Agnese Guļāne (Nam Hari Kaur) and her theme at the festival – Breath, life energy, strength. Rebirthing kriya.

“I call you for a powerful, transformative and healing practice of Kundalini Yoga that will transform your brain, your thinking and your life. Come and ventilate the “attic” and get rid of the old “fleas”, which are your fears, limitations, taught and taken over from patterns of other people’s standard thinking or mind patterns. They cause you suffering. They do not allow you to shine in the divine light, to be a free, healthy, confident and creative person.

Due to the abundance of information, rapid change and stress, we can lose touch with our true self, we can feel loneliness, anxiety, we can lose spiritual landmarks. However, one does not have to live in pain and suffering. This yoga practice is a very strong self-therapy, self-hypnosis, service to your true self.

This is a colossal opportunity to get rid of painful memories, resentments, fears by using ancient and intelligent yoga techniques to transform consciousness. Everything you want to get rid of will be gone! This is a practice that humanity has used for years. It really does what is promised. There is a saying that death awaits you around the corner, but unexpected success can also await you around the corner! Take this opportunity to recreate yourself!

This will not be an ordinary kriya, so I call on those who really feel the calling, who are ready to take the challenge and strive for themselves. This kriya is a real gem, but you have to be ready to give yourself everything to get lightness, cleanness and light energy in return. This experience will change you to live truly and with joy, not just “kill” the time. May you have self-esteem, natural beauty and purity, may you be noble and true in everything.

‘’I believe in nothing but one thing: if a person can purify his subconscious, he can also acquire a pure consciousness; even when he acts unconsciously, his actions will always be blessed, right, beautiful, and noble.,” this was once said by Yogi Bhajan.

No previous experience required. Lesson duration: about 2 hours. If you decide to come, come prepared: bring strength, courage, the desire to do something good for yourself. Many things are important in life, but the most important thing for yourself is you. If not, then nothing matters.’’

Māris Žunda


Māris Žunda: Head and coach of Tempering school, coach of Wim Hof method in Latvia.

Lecture and conversation topic: Breathing, tempering and coldness – on and around it!

About Māris:

It all started when the head of the Tempering school Māris Žunda worked in the field of IT. At the time, everything seemed great in theory, but not in practice. Maris worked in a great company, amongst great colleagues, but he lacked energy and joy of life. The turning point was the teachings of Wim Hof, which transformed Maris’ life beyond recognition, followed by a series of exciting events. Of course, Māris became a better version of himself. However, this process is not over yet, because there is always where to strive… Well, Māris and the School of Tempering also offers you to learn how to feel and live better. Māris is the coach of Wim Hof’s method in the Baltics, he has established a School of Tempering and leads the Cold Movement. Māris is a bather, reiki practitioner and fitness trainer. Māris is a professional growth coach and health promotion enthusiast who wants to effectively, simply and, most importantly, modernly integrate knowledge into life.

About the subject:

How to help a person return to his natural ability to control himself, as nature has created him or her? The story of experiences like breathing and cold are compatible and play a huge role in modern lives. The story of how to become the most effective version of yourself – to become more energetic, confident, stronger, healthier, more purposeful and more productive.

Seva Kaur Khalsa


Seva Kaur Khalsa is a Kundalini Yoga teacher that has been raised in Australia, but currently is living in Norway. She is an experienced Kundalini Yoga Level 1 and Level 2 lead trainer as well as Conscious Pregnancy training lead teacher and trainer. She was one of the first Kundalini Yoga teachers to teach this type of yoga in Latvia.

She began to study Hatha yoga when she was only 11 years young and has taught Kundalini Yoga for over 40 years now. During her yogic path, she has travelled all over the world, teaching yoga in Asia, China, Australia, Europe, Scandinavia and Russia. Her experience and knowledge are vast and she is especially keen to share her knowledge about child-raising in her classes.

Henry Prabhudeep


Henry Prabhudeep has been a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor since 2009 and he is a Meditative Healer. His passion for the teachings has grown into deep dedication, he is a dedicated yogi and a sensitive healer who applies the teachings and yogic lifestyle into his everyday life. 

He is practising a holistic and mutually complementary healing approach known as Meditative Healing, which leads far beyond the known and expected. Meditative Healing combines profound yogic teachings with the methodic application of meditation. It reaches the unconscious to heal the roots of imbalances by harmonising the connections of the body-mind dynamics.

He is serving humanity by offering Meditative Healing one-to-one sessions (with online options as well) and healing workshops for groups.

Also, he is an initiator and the team leader of the Kundalini Yoga Festival Estonia and he also serves the community as a board member of the National Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association. 

Nowadays Henry Prabhudeep is living with his family in Hatu Manor, yogic lifestyle retreat center, which is located in North-West Estonia.  

During the festival, Prabhudeep will be offering Meditative Healing one-to-one sessions to whom you can contribute by donations.