Beautiful adventure and experience for your spirit...

About Māra – The heart and soul of the festival. Kundalini Yoga instructor and Yoga Doula. Permaculture practitioner with a huge love for gardening. The main vocal of a Mantra music band.  An experienced cook of incredibly delicious vegetarian meals.  

About Mārtiņš – Festival’s strong hands and reliable support. Kundalini Yoga instructor. A friend of bees :). Outstanding bean-burger specialist and a talented carpenter in whose hands any piece of wood comes to life.

And this is our story

It started as a long time cherished dream come true when three years ago we organized the festival for the very first time. For us it is not only an annual event where we put aside all the world’s worries and seek for the peace within, but also a time of year when we celebrate our get-together with the community.

Baltic Kundalini Yoga Festival brings together yoga practitioners, families with kids of all ages, the senior generations as well as new people who are willing to experience new horizons of self-discovery from close by and far away. It is a place and time where everybody is welcomed to absorb new knowledge and look deeper within themselves by celebrating life through yoga, meditation and deep conversations. If you want to be surrounded by nature in an inclusive and open atmosphere and refresh your soul with the sacred sounds of mantras and gongs, here is your chance! 

During the festival weekend you will have the opportunity to experience a self-transformation to live your life to the fullest. Who knows, maybe it will be the life restart you had wished already a long time. Join us and have your own unique experience!

Also, we have to mention that the festival is fully organized by volunteers only without any commercial intention, so we cannot promise perfection. But we can guarantee that all the diligent and hard-working hands that are helping this festival to happen, are doing it with love and best intentions in mind.

With Love,
Māra and Mārtiņš – the initiative organizers of Baltic Kundalini Yoga Festival

Meet our Team


Mārtiņš Majors

Bachan Priya Singh

Creative technical manager

Māra Majore

Jaipal Kaur

Free spirit & hostess of the festival

Judite Zapolska

Devta Hari Kaur

Content Manager & Gong and Sound Healer

Ieva Šulca

Satpal Kaur

Quite funny web page developer

Kristīne Bogdane

Meher Anand Kaur

Kind and pleasant market place manager

Līga Logina

Charan Himat Kaur

Enthusiastic side event organizer & Team Manager

Luīze Vecmane

Sevakmeet Kaur

Festival’s sweetheart & Creative Designer