a yoga mat (or tourist mat)
sheepskin or natural material for yoga exercises and meditation
a warm blanket or a scarf to cover yourself in the morning during sadhana
comfortable, preferably white or light color and natural material clothes for warm, cold and rainy weather
meditation pillow to facilitate sitting on the ground (if necessary)
scarf, turban or any headcover for sadhana*
water bottle or cup for drinks
eating utensils (dishes, bowl, cup, fork, knife, spoon)
remedies against insects
a notebook and a pen for personal notes
clothes for any weather conditions like raincoats or jackets, rubber boots and comfortable shoes
a tent and sleeping accessories
personal hygiene items
additional clothes to keep you warm: socks, sweaters etc.
a travel kit (patches, napkins, disinfectant, etc.)
cash for yoga goods market (some sellers might not have the possibility to pay by card)


*Sadhana – reference to morning sadhana, a practise done early in the morning before the sunrise where accordingly to kundalini yoga traditions there is a need to wear a headcover. 


What NOT to take with you?
Valuables, professional photo and video cameras, pets.


During the festival and in the area, it is not allowed to use toxic substances, drugs, cigarettes or alcohol. It is forbidden to smoke in the area. Organizers are entitled to ask the visitor to leave the festival territory if the person break any rules of the festival.